Meditation has become a buzzword in the mainstream, and you’ve probably heard about elite athletes like LeBron James, Kate Courtney, and others espousing its benefits. But what actually is meditation? Why should we consider starting a meditation practice? What are the benefits?

Today on the show, we discuss this topic at length and get into why you should consider leaning in to this ancient practice for your mental health, athletic performance, and managing stress in these crazy times. We’ll talk:

  • how meditation works
  • some common misconceptions
  • why athletes could benefit from incorporating meditation practices into their routines
  • and more!

Jackson also shares a short, 10 minute guided moving meditation to listen to while on the bike at the end, so stick around! We’ll also release that as a standalone episode. Let us know how you’ve used meditation in your life in the forum at

More info on meditation:

Harvard Medical School:

Mindfulness Mechanisms in Sports: Mediating Effects of Rumination and Emotion Regulation on Sport-Specific Coping:

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