The whole gravel team is here to check in with the FasCat community about setting intermediate goals using virtual communities to keep the motivation high and training moving forward for the next few months.  You still have your A race goals and long term goals, we just don’t know (yet 🤞) how the timing of those goals relates to your training. So in the meantime we present ways to have fun, ride alone, stay fit and improve while we get thru this pause and quarantine!

We share what is going in our own communities, our coaching goals with our athletes, the benefits of Strava and Zwift in current times, how our recent Cervelo Gravel Rush Zwift event went, and plenty more. It was a fun conversation – we hope this brings you some entertainment and wisdom to your day.

You still have your A race goals and long term goals, we just don’t how the timing of those goals.

Show Notes

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“Beat Coach Jake Challenge”

Watopia “Sand and Sequoias” Route :: 12.6 miles – Beat Jake’s time of 31:32 309watts

Watopia Alpe Du Zwift :: 7.5 miles – Jake’s time of 39:48 330 watts

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