Squat Rack REVO

Since we talked about timing as it relates to training last week, this time is all about the timing of strength training/weight lifting for cyclists as it’s the perfect time to get started on that. In this episode, Coach Frank breaks down the FasCat 10-week strength training for cyclists training plan, and how to use it most effectively. We discuss:

  1. The fundamentals of our strength training philosophy and the three main exercises for this program
  2. The 4 phases: Adaptation > Hypertrophy > Strength > Power
  3. What to expect going through the plan and how to approach each week

Don’t get behind the curve and start strength training when it’s too late!

Training Tip: https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/weight-lifting-for-cycling/

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If you want to try our weight lifting for cycling training plan for yourself use the coupon code 25podcast to get 25% off your weight lifting for cycling training plan and you yourself can #FtFP!