In this podcast we are talking about the wearable Whoop device.  We consider the Whoop to be like a power meter for your recovery. The WHOOP is wearable designed for athletes that measures your sleep, strain, and cardiovascular parameters like heart rate variability and resting heart rate. The Whoop’s algorithm factor’s all those metrics to give you a recovery score. Simply, are you recovered like you think you are?  Cool right? Here at FasCat we’ve been testing the WHOOP strap for 8 months and wanted to dive in and share our thoughts with the podcast community!

We’re also joined by the WHOOP content manager, Mark Van Deusen to hear how the WHOOP strap works. He’s also been generous enough to offer our listeners a free month of a WHOOP subscription with code ‘fascatwhoop‘ at checkout ($30 value)!

We talk about how using the WHOOP enhances our training and racing, what the different metrics mean, and a whole lot more. Learn more at!

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