Elliott Baring

Winner of the 2024 Unbound 100, Coach Elliott knows how to train and will be on a mission to help YOU improve and achieve your goals! You'll receive science and experience based coaching blended with navigating “off-bike” stressors such as daily life, work, family, and all the challenges that come along Fill out a new athlete questionnaire to speak with Coach Elliott.

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About Elliott Baring

Elliott has over 6 years of coaching experience that began with a degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of North Georgia. Elliott acquired additional experience as the school’s Physiology Lab Director for two years and completed an internship with Dr. Kevin Sprouse at Podium Sports Medicine. Dr. Sprouse is also the Team Medical Director of EF Education Pro Cycling and his guidance and mentoring helped Elliott learn and understand the specifics of cycling physiology.

Elliott’s own racing pursuits encompass anything from tarmac to dirt. Some of his racing experiences include BreckEpic, Pisgah Stage Race, Steamboat Gravel, BWR, BC Bike Race, 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo and even a FKT on the Rockstar Gravel 265 route. In 2021 Elliott accomplished a lifelong goal of becoming a National Champion by earning three sets of Stars and Stripes. He became the Category 1 Mountain Bike National Champion for Short Track, Cross Country and Marathon within the same year.

Elliott’s coaching style emphasizes the practical and applied science of cycling physiology and blends it with the nuanced balance of navigating “off-bike” stressors such as daily life, work, family etc. Elliott’s goal is to instill the importance and pillars of being a happy, healthy and lifelong athlete.

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