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Resistance Training + Sweet Spot

Designed By Coach FasCat

Resistance Training and Sweet Spot “Base” 16 Week training plan. Cycling Specific Resistance Training as described here. Four Phases of resistance training with accompanying neuromuscular sprint work to accentuate the lifting to make the weightlifting cycling specific. Then you’ll ride gobs of Sweet Spot to increase your aerobic fitness. This is your all-in-one plan for the Off-Season suitable for starting Nov – February!

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Resistance Training and Sweet Spot “Base” 16 Week training plan. Cycling Specific Resistance Training as described here. Four Phases of resistance training with accompanying neuromuscular sprint work to accentuate the lifting to make the weight lifting cycling specific. Then you’ll ride gobs of Sweet Spot to increase your aerobic fitness. This is your all-in-one plan for the Off-Season suitable for starting Nov – February!

Increase your Functional Threshold Power this winter with resistance training and sweet spot. We’ve been coaching cyclists through a 4 phase, cycling specific resistance training program for 15 years. During this weight lifting program, cyclists build muscle (heavy lifting), train that new muscle to produce great force and then through neuromuscular sprint workouts teach that new muscle to fire at speeds specific to cycling (high-velocity lifting). “Speeds specific to cycling” is the secret sauce of this program and this weight lifting is made cycling specific by the velocity of the lifts plus the neuromuscular sprint workouts that are coupled to the Strength and Power Phases.

After completing the Power phase, you’ll transition to Sweet Spot riding to build your aerobic base. You’ll start with a field test to set your training zones after the weight room work and use the included FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet to set your training zones including the all-important Sweet Spot! You’ll perform structured Sweet Spot and Tempo intervals mid-week and have the option to join group rides on the weekends (where we coach you how to Sweet Spot on the group ride). There’s also recommendations for riding longer/shorter for flexibility so you can stay on track when life throws a curve ball.

This plan is perfect for the cyclist to begin in early Winter (like December in the Northern Hemisphere) to prepare for the Spring/Summer season. Or for the Cyclocross Athlete to begin Feb thru April for racing in the Fall.

Questions about this training plan? See our FAQ below or email/call: help@fascatcoaching.com or 720.406.7444

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at any time.

22 reviews for Resistance Training + Sweet Spot

  1. Andrew Creese

    This is a really good plan, but due to difficulty accessing weights when gyms closed due to covid, I decided to switch to the Sweet Spot part 1 – which has given me a really good performance boost. Customer service was great, and they switched my plan straight away. Now onto Sweet Spot 2

  2. Shivkumar Chandwani

    so i started this in early march. it was all going good but then covid 19 hitted us all. Now in lockdown i was short with weights and other equipments but fas cat sorted me out it gave me alternative for the gym work. But the resistance traning was not at the level i wanted because of the lockdown but if the gym were open it would have been a blast.

    Coming towards sweet spot block man the best till now. In the first three weeks i was already feeling faster with intervals. And after taking the power test my ftp was increased from 233 to 242 hitting my pb. Winning in the kitchen was the best with diffrent vegan based food and lot of knowledge about the food and what to have when.
    I would definitely recommend the plan. Just go for it.

  3. Z. Burcul

    This was my first cycling training plan! Just finished it, and I feel improved fitness! The weights were a fun way to start and the weekly improvements are great for moral! And I definitely feel an improved kick!!
    The SS section has been great. I feel that my endurance has improved greatly, and I can ride for hours now, chain-tight! I feel ready for the next steps and increased intensity!
    I’m looking forward to SS3 and the Road/Crit plan after that!

  4. Jeff A.

    Just finished this 16 week program and I am super happy. The right amount of lifting to fuel the season and foundations training for the win!!! I definitely plan on using this again next season with a little more of the zone 2 on the lifting days.

    I moved right into sweet spot 3 and it has been seamless.

    #FtFP!!! The programs are great and the customer service is even better!!!

  5. Gabriel Flores Saiffe

    Great start to my season! I gained about 3 pounds but kept my same fat percentage and do feel the extra strength on punchy climbs and sprints.
    Training Peaks makes it easy to just FTFP and I was able to not miss a single session.
    I’m 4 weeks away from finishing and my FTP increased 5% from the week before starting this plan… but most importantly I feel that my target race results in June feel way more attainable. Thanks team for this program

  6. ghamer1

    Muscular cycling strength is one area where I need significant improvement coming from a long running background with the weaknesses that come with specificity. This lays a great foundation. I especially liked the tension intervals because you get the combo of strength training along with training stress. And when you have a limited schedule time management is crucial.

  7. Jonathan K

    Great plan for when you hit the doldrums of early winter and realize that you could stand to hit the weights. I’m just finishing up the sweet spot training that follows and the form is starting to show.

  8. Aaron Boone

    The plan was so clear and easy to follow. It was hard work but an11% gain on FTP from the weight lifting alone makes me wish I had time to repeat it. The support provided by the fascat coaching team is excellent.This was exactly what I needed.

  9. Brook Spindler

    Good off season plan to start prep for next season.

  10. jeremydeibert87

    It’s mid season and I feel like I am having a great year because of using this last winter. I will use it again this winter. Using sweet spot was killer

  11. mpalmerdc

    I’ve been using resistance training in the gym during the off-season for close to 7 years and I’ve never had as good results as I’ve attained from this resistance program. When the program transitioned into more sweet spot training, I couldn’t believe how solid my muscular foundation was.

  12. txdejong

    Completed the plan (FTfP) and highest ever (!) FTP. Now onto the next plan!
    Thanks guys!

  13. Marco Vermette

    Loved this plan and loved my winter off season (This time !) The Facebook group is very helpful and it’s a big +. Thanks Fascat

  14. Eric Ronin

    This plan has made me very strong. Love it!

  15. Birt Stem

    Great plan that incorporates lifting with base. I really like the sweet spot training. I am now ready to move to race intervals in a few weeks. I wish it was more of sweet spot 3 plus weights.

  16. Doug

    This plan is spot on. I’m 56 and I have tried different off season plans. After completing this plan, my FTP was higher, my weight was down, and I felt stronger overall. The results were certainly seen and felt outside on the bike. This is my plan every off season going forward.

  17. Tjeerd (NL)

    one more week of power lifts and then over to sweetspot focus. looking forward to it!
    the weightlifting was something i’ve never done before but i really enjoyed it. the plan gives focus to the off season a great base for the upcoming spring events. i will definitely choose a plan from FasCatCoaching again. oh and by the way, check their podcast too. Nerdy in a good way 🙂

  18. Michael Morrell

    Great plan with easy to follow day-to-day instructions. Added information, links and charts make this a no brainer. No guess work involved, just follow the plan. Highly recommended!

  19. mattsys1

    As an older athlete, adding weights to my training regiment, in my opinion, becomes critical. However, the gym has always been something I avoided. I never knew what type of workout to do, how much weight, how many reps, etc… This plan is well laid out takes all the guess work out weight lifting for cyclist. This program has proven to be a valuable tool in training tool box.

  20. Andy D

    This plan helped me solidify my off season from a disorganized mess into a focused, effective routine. Now I have a great foundation as I start to focus my training.

  21. Thenonpro

    bread and butter of every season start

  22. Scott Isburg

    Great plan walks you through an awesome off season. I feel better then I ever have going into the spring! Can’t wait to start my next plan these people know what their doing!

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