Belgian Waffle Ride names FasCat Official Coaching and Training Plan Technology Partner

With some of the most challenging "unroad" events on the calendar, the Belgian Waffle Ride Series just announced FasCat as its Official Coaching and Training Plan Technology Partner. FasCat created training plans tailored to each of the six U.S. and Canadian events that scale to a rider's available time to train.

The Belgian Waffle Ride Series has expanded to include new events in Arizona and British Columbia for 2023, which join the popular races in Kansas, Utah, North Carolina and the original, iconic event in California. Each mixed-terrain event brings its own unique set of challenges, ranging from rock-strewn singletrack to brutal climbs to intimidating distances.

How can one train for such a diabolic race? FasCat created specific training plans for each of the six BWRs, which progressively build up to the duration of the target event, and include long gravel simulation rides with tips on nutrition and hydration as well as challenging intervals, ways to incorporate group rides into training, recovery advice and more.

“The Belgian Waffle Ride is like nothing else. For maximum enjoyment and minimal suffering, we’ve designed six event-specific BWR training plans to help athletes have more fun and ride faster,” said FasCat Founder Frank Overton, who has coached professional and competitive amateur athletes for 20 years. “Each BWR plan is specific to the course’s terrain and incorporates our proven gravel simulation training methodology.”

At each Belgian Waffle Ride, riders can choose between three distances: The Wanna is approximately 35-40-miles, the Wafer is about 70-80-miles, and the Waffle is about 130-140 grueling miles.

“The Belgian Waffle Ride will almost certainly be the hardest thing you’ve ever done on a bicycle,” said Belgian Waffle Ride Founder Michacel Marckx. “You don’t want to just show up and hope for the best; you need a good plan well ahead of time, and FasCat has created exactly that for each of the six Belgian Waffle Rides.”

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