Performance Nutrition: Winning in the Kitchen

Performance nutrition and weight loss is all about your food choices and that's what we call "Winning in the Kitchen".  Winning in the kitchen begins with winning in the grocery store! Because what comes home likely goes in your mouth. Make healthy "go fast choices' in the grocery store to treat your body like a Ferrari.

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In this podcast we’ll educate you on:

  • Your Go Faster Food Choices
  • We’ll give you a Winning in the Kitchen Grocery List
  • And we’ll talk about the 9 delicious Winning in the Kitchen recipes that take 10 minutes or less to prepare that are in our Winning in the Kitchen introductory meal plan.


Winning in the Kitchen Concepts

Below are some of our nutritional recommendations that will help you fuel your workouts better and lose weight. Aka "How to Win in the Kitchen".

Go Fast and Go Slow Food Choices

"Go Fast food" is another phrase coined from our very own SecretTraining founder, Brandon Dwight, referring to the simplicity of healthy food choices. Truly - choosing what foods to buy and put in your mouth is one or the other: go fast or go slow. Kale is go fast and sausage is go slow. Simple.

80% of Weight Loss is occurs in the kitchen and 20% on the Bike

Ten to 15 years ago we all thought you could just "Ride More, Eat Less" to quote Eddy Merckx. But that is only 20% of weight loss! How many cyclists (or people in general) have you talked to that have lost the first 5 lbs but can't kick the next 15? That's because they are dieting and riding more. To lose the next 15 lbs they need to start winning in the kitchen and make healthier food choices. 

 Go Fast Grocery List

I like to break this down from the three food groups: carbohydrate, protein, fats. Let's add vegetables and greens as the fourth category. Buy these foods the next time you goto the grocery store and eat this way. 

Vegetables & Greens: kale, spinach, arugula any leafy green you like. Broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus.

Proteins: Salmon and any fatty fish. Yes fatty because salmon has the good kind of fat: the omega 3's DHA. Chicken breast is a go fast protein. Red meat is go slow for all its saturated fat. For my vegan friends, beans are a great go fast food choice along with lentils and tofu.

Fats: Avocados, olive oil, almonds, almond butter and the aforementioned DHA found in fatty fish like salmon mentioned above.

Carbohydrate: Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Gluten Free Oatmeal and Quinoa Finally: Water. That is your beverage. Alcohol, juice, soda all fall firmly in the go slow food section. Bring these foods home from the grocery store to win in the kitchen!

Winning in the Kitchen in Summary

Athletes must own what they put in their mouth, no excuses. If you are training with power, riding an expensive bike and working with a coach you are a finely tuned Ferrari, masters cyclists included! Therefore treat your body like a Ferrari! The athletes that have the most success cook and prepare their own food. They also do their own grocery shopping because they 'win in the grocery store'. What comes home goes in your mouth and more importantly, what doesn't come home can't go in your mouth. Eighty percent of weight loss and optimal race weight is achieved from proper nutrition while only 20% from riding more. I educate athletes on what that looks like and have even been known to take trips to the grocery store to consult on go fast food choices and go slow food choices. 

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