Introducing Our Winning in the Kitchen Weight Loss Meal Plan!

With the offseason approaching, we're thrilled to release our Winning in the Kitchen Weight Loss Meal Plan! Get your nutrition habits dialed this offseason so you can hit your goals in 2021. Created by Registered Dietitian Lacey Rivette, these custom meal plans take the guesswork out of weight loss for cyclists and take into account your training, weight, and goals to provide an approachable and easy to follow weight loss plan with custom recipes and meal prep instructions. On the pod, Lacey and Frank break it all down and give you the deets on what you need to know, from some example recipes to how athletes should approach weight loss.

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About Lacey Rivette

Lacey is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition And Dietetics from Louisiana State University. She trained as an acrobatic gymnastics from 2003-2013, during which time she won two national titles. It was also during this time that she became interested in sports nutrition and is what ultimately led her to pursuing a career in Dietetics. In 2018 she began racing MTB's in Louisiana and after getting on the podium at Marathon Nationals that same year, decided to move to Colorado Springs to be able to train more competitively. In 2020 she joined the FasCat team. When it comes to racing, her primary focus is on marathon, ultra endurance and adventure-style events.

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