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Training Tips

Training Tips for Cycling with Coaching Advice and Expertise from the FasCat Coaches.

Everything Phil’s Cookie Fondo with Phil Gaimon


Phil returns to the FasCat Podcast to chat about his upcoming fondo happening in 6 weeks! Frank and Phil talk about his comeback from a terrible crash suffered earlier this year, what the vibe is like at the…

Reviewing Your 2019 Cycling Season to Get Faster in 2020


As the offseason for most cyclists (sorry, ‘crossers) and fall approaches, it’s time to look back and reflect on your season to see what worked and what didn’t, take stock of your nutrition and training strategies, and use…

Dirk Friel, Co-Founder of TrainingPeaks


This week, Coach Frank sits down with Dirk Friel, the co-founder and Chief Evangelist of TrainingPeaks…the essential software for athletes. It’s what we use to coach our athletes, and what is used by countless other coaches, athletes, and…

SBT GRVL Recap, Offseason Talk, and the Future of USA Cycling


It’s a busy time of year for cycling, so we’re back at it with a 3-part podcast covering 3 very different but interestingly related topics: Steamboat Gravel [SBTG], cyclocross prep and the importance of taking an offseason as…

Ask FasCat #6!


We’re back for a long awaited Q&A episode, answering questions about everything from weight loss to full gas intervals to altitude adjustment…it’s a good one (we even get a call from Mr. Gaimon)! Thanks to everyone for submitting…

Rebecca’s Private Idaho Race Analysis


Rebecca’s Private Idaho has quickly risen to one of the top gravel race weekends in the country. Based in the small ski town of Ketchum, Idaho, RPI was started by endurance mountain bike legend and Ketchum local, Rebecca…

Six Weeks till Cyclocross – how to train for cyclocross

Cyclocross, Podcasts

It’s August 1st, which means #crossiscoming in approximately 6 weeks. It’s time to get serious about training, honing cross-specific skills, and prepare the body for the demands of cyclocross. Have no fear our “oh shh*t six week cyclocross…

Steamboat Gravel (SBTGRVL) Pre-Race Course Recon, Training, and Equipment Tips


We’re about 3 weeks away from the inaugural Steamboat Gravel race, and Coach Frank recently pre-rode the critical 100 miles of the 140 race. From pacing and training to equipment and course conditions, we’re here this week on…

Using Strava Live Segments to Perform “Strava-Vals”


  This week, we discuss how Strava live segments can “hack” your interval performance by increasing motivation, positive reinforcement, and therefore your power output. Strava-Vals is going as hard as you can like an interval but using the…

How to Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Buongiorno! It has been over 10 years since I wrote the original Sweet Spot article and it is nice to hear how many athletes have added it to their training and benefited. I have lurked around on the message…

Time Trial Training & Racing w/ Coach Isaiah


This week on the pod, we have a special episode for you featuring our very own TT specialist, Coach Isaiah Newkirk! Isaiah races professionally for the 303 Project cycling team, and is a strong disciple of the time…

Summertime Nutrition for Cyclists


Summer is here, which means training and racing on the bike is being ramped up, goals are being achieved, and we can finally be outside more. However, it’s also a time to revisit our nutrition and maybe lose…

How to Bunny Hop for Cyclocross!

Cyclocross, Videos

Watch Coach Brandon demonstrate the elusive but oh so important CX bunny hop in this quick tips video.

Cycling Coach’s Buyer Guide!


  We are asked constantly about different pieces of gear, what’s the best bang for your buck, what kind of cycling computer to buy, which tires to use for X race, etc. With the cycling season in full…

Learn More About Our Coaching Subscription


FasCat’s new Coaching Subscription is the most cost-effective way to receive power analysis and training plan adjustments to your existing training plan from our expert coaching staff. When you purchase a subscription, you’ll receive: Once Monthly Coach Power…

Summer Cyclocross #secrettraining w/ Coach Brandon Dwight


Cyclocross is coming, and getting ahead of the curve this summer will set you up for success come the fall. Cyclocross racing legend and FasCat coach Brandon Dwight is in the studio this week to share some of…

The Origins of FTFP


  This week we dive into the background of “FTFP”, or Follow the F@#%&^* Plan! Following the well designed training plan is paramount to success as a cyclist, and there’s many layers that go into it. Coach Frank…

How to Take a Proper Mid-season Break


From our latest Ask Fascat podcast, Coach Frank and Jackson discuss the importance of taking a midseason break for cyclists, and how and when to do it most effectively.

Is Altitude Training Beneficial for Cyclists?


As a part of our MONTHLY Q&A, Coach Frank and Jackson discuss an age old conundrum: is altitude training beneficial for cyclists? Watch below to find out:

Video: Race Recap, Haute Route Asheville


Join Coach Frank and Jackson on this video recap of their day racing the Haute Route Asheville 2019!

Ask FasCat #5!


Greetings, fellow bicycle nerds! We’re back with another installment of our Ask FasCat Q&A series, where we answer listener questions from our forum and beyond. Today we dive into questions about altitude, mid-season breaks, recovering from big events,…

Video: Using Normalized Power to Measuring FTP Improvement


Using normalized power data from group rides or races is a fantastic way to measure improvements or changes in FTP and performance. Watch to learn how we analyze power data through logical analysis to find answers! And be…

Haute Route Asheville Preview Show!


We’re here in gorgeous Asheville, NC for the Haute Route Asheville, a 3 day event through the Blue Ridge mountains. In today’s episode, we do a live podcast from the event HQ and break down each stage, discussing…

How to Travel to Races Like a PRO


With the Haute Route approaching next week, we decided to sit down and talk about how to win at traveling to bike races, whether it’s via car or via plane. We discuss what to bring and how to…

Fatigue Dependent Training Plan Design


Carefully crafting the design of a training plan is a critical aspect of improvement and success as a cyclist. Coach Frank abides by the idea of “fatigue dependent” training plan design, which is the focus of today’s episode.…

Fatigue Dependent Training Plan Design

Training with Power

by Frank Overton  Fatigue dependent training plan design is a method of prescribing workouts and designing training plans to match an athlete’s expected fatigue in order to optimize training.  The hardest workout with the highest wattage occurs first…

Breaking Down a Gravel Race

Gravel, Videos

In this week’s live podcast, Coach Frank and Jackson outline everything that you need to know about successful gravel racing and training.The FasCat Athlete Forum is live! Join the discussion here.

The 4 Key Factors for Gravel Racing Success


Gravel racing season is in full swing, and this week’s podcast is all about helping you crush your next race. We believe there are 4 key components to successful gravel racing — pacing, hydration, nutrition, and equipment —…

Ask FasCat #4!


  With another 4 weeks gone by in an instant, it’s time for another Q&A session! On this week’s show, we dive into listener submitted questions on topics ranging from fasting, avoiding cramping, using commuting as training, and…

What to Eat on the Bike During Training and Racing


With the racing season in full swing, a big area of consideration and confusion for many cyclists is on the bike nutrition. We’ve talked at length about Winning in the Kitchen, but it’s an entirely different animal to…

Video: Should You Strength Train During the Season?

Coaching Advice, Off-Season Training, Videos

A hot topic of debate: should you do strength training during the race season? Coach Frank and Jackson discuss… The FasCat Athlete Forum is live! Join the discussion here.

How to Leave Post-Activity Comments For Your Coach and Be “Coachable”


This week, Coach Frank outlines using the 4 components of monitoring training in his athletes to help you better provide feedback in the post-activity comments section of TrainingPeaks or other software so that you can communicate more effectively…

What Are You Training For?


At FasCat Coaching, we believe that every cyclist can get faster if they follow a training plan that’s built to meet their goals. What does that mean to us? Watch this video with FasCat Founder and “Big Cat”…