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Training Tips

Training Tips for Cycling with Coaching Advice and Expertise from the FasCat Coaches.

Haute Route Asheville Preview Show!


We’re here in gorgeous Asheville, NC for the Haute Route Asheville, a 3 day event through the Blue Ridge mountains. In today’s episode, we do a live podcast from the event HQ and break down each stage, discussing…

How to Travel to Races Like a PRO


With the Haute Route approaching next week, we decided to sit down and talk about how to win at traveling to bike races, whether it’s via car or via plane. We discuss what to bring and how to…

Fatigue Dependent Training Plan Design


Carefully crafting the design of a training plan is a critical aspect of improvement and success as a cyclist. Coach Frank abides by the idea of “fatigue dependent” training plan design, which is the focus of today’s episode.…

Fatigue Dependent Training Plan Design

Training with Power

by Frank Overton  Fatigue dependent training plan design is a method of prescribing workouts and designing training plans to match an athlete’s expected fatigue in order to optimize training.  The hardest workout with the highest wattage occurs first…

Breaking Down a Gravel Race

Gravel, Videos

In this week’s live podcast, Coach Frank and Jackson outline everything that you need to know about successful gravel racing and training.The FasCat Athlete Forum is live! Join the discussion here.

The 4 Key Factors for Gravel Racing Success


Gravel racing season is in full swing, and this week’s podcast is all about helping you crush your next race. We believe there are 4 key components to successful gravel racing — pacing, hydration, nutrition, and equipment —…

Ask FasCat #4!


  With another 4 weeks gone by in an instant, it’s time for another Q&A session! On this week’s show, we dive into listener submitted questions on topics ranging from fasting, avoiding cramping, using commuting as training, and…

What to Eat on the Bike During Training and Racing


With the racing season in full swing, a big area of consideration and confusion for many cyclists is on the bike nutrition. We’ve talked at length about Winning in the Kitchen, but it’s an entirely different animal to…

Video: Should You Strength Train During the Season?

Coaching Advice, Off-Season Training, Videos

A hot topic of debate: should you do strength training during the race season? Coach Frank and Jackson discuss… The FasCat Athlete Forum is live! Join the discussion here.

How to Leave Post-Activity Comments For Your Coach and Be “Coachable”


This week, Coach Frank outlines using the 4 components of monitoring training in his athletes to help you better provide feedback in the post-activity comments section of TrainingPeaks or other software so that you can communicate more effectively…

What Are You Training For?


At FasCat Coaching, we believe that every cyclist can get faster if they follow a training plan that’s built to meet their goals. What does that mean to us? Watch this video with FasCat Founder and “Big Cat”…

Ask a FasCat Q&A #3


Welcome to another edition of our monthly FasCat Q&A session! Links to direct questions: 7:50 – How to go “full gas” 11:45 – Are “active recovery” rides helpful? 17:27 – What do we eat after a ride? 25:34…

Plant-Based Nutrition for Cyclists


Happy spring! To shift gears a bit, Jackson and Coach Isaiah come to your ears with a special edition of the podcast while Frank is on vacation for spring break. We dive into the fundamentals of plant-based nutrition…

Does Cryotherapy Work for Cyclists?


We take a trip down to the local Cryotherapy center to try out the latest recovery craze and look into some of the research. Does Cryo work? You be the judge. – Join the discussion on the FasCat…

TSS Training for Cyclists


One of our favorite workouts to prescribe to our athletes is the TSS Ride. Simple and effective, this workout is perfect for any rider! Learn more and read the full post here: https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/tss-training/ – Join the discussion on…

Master’s CTL Numbers in TrainingPeaks Performance Management Chart (PMC)


Coach Frank drops some knowledge about the basics of the PMC and CTL, and how you can use these tools to forecast and optimize your training as a cyclist. Full podcast on Master’s CTL here: https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/chronic-training-load-ctl-for-masters-cyclists/ – Join…

Training for Dirty Kanza with FasCat Training Plans


If you’re training for the Dirty Kanza 200 this year, we’re here to help! In this quick video, Coach Frank and Jackson discuss which FasCat training plans to complete while you train for Dirty Kanza. – Join the…

Ask FasCat #3 — Q&A!


Welcome to another regeneration week (AKA our monthly Q&A episode)! We field questions from the FasCat community to provide our best responses to questions about training, racing, nutrition, and more every 4 weeks. We’re back with answers to…

How to Sweet Spot on Any Bike


Wondering how to perform structured training but have different bikes? Listen in to hear Coach Frank’s advice. Full episode at http://fascatcoaching.com and the FasCat Training Tips Podcast (available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify).   – Join…

How to: Train for the Haute Route


Thinking about doing a Haute Route event? You are going to need to train for it! Listen in to get some expert advice on preparing for the demands of the Haute Route Rockies by Haute Route elite ambassadors…

How to Measure FTP Improvement with Normalized Power


 We don’t always have to perform an FTP field test in order to track our performance, form, or even our FTP. Using some logic pulled from Frank’s philosophy class in college, we teach you how to “threshold sleuth”…

VIDEO: Effective Fueling for Early Morning Workouts


In this video podcast, Coach Frank and Jackson are talking about proper nutrition and fueling for those early morning workouts during the winter and how to maximize performance vs. losing weight. – Join the discussion on the FasCat…

Breaking Down the Performance Management Chart + CTL

Training with Power, TrainingPeaks, Videos

Coach Frank drops some knowledge about the basics of the PMC and CTL, and how you can use these tools to forecast and optimize your training as a cyclist. Our full podcast on Master’s CTL can be found…

VIDEO: Switching from Base to Race

Intervals, Videos

This week’s video podcast is all about how and when to switch from the base phase of training into the race specific phase to maximize performance and form going into your target race(s). Let’s make you faster. –…

Video: How to Design Your Own Personal Cycling Training Camp

Training with Power, Videos

With winter seemingly still in full force in many parts of the world, and the season quickly approaching, it’s a good time to consider putting together a cycling training camp to bump up the volume and prepare for…

Video: The Mental Side of Interval Training


In this video, Coach Frank and Jackson discuss how important the mental side of interval training can be to your performance. Bottom line: if you want to go super deep and suffer during race efforts, prepping yourself mentally…

Intervals 101


Continuing with the progression in early season training periodization, we’re now getting into the real work of the race season and everyone’s favorite part of training: intervals. We did an episode way back in the beginning of the…

Switching from Base to Race

Coaching Advice, Training with Power

Now that we’ve hit the home stretch of winter and the first season’s races are on the horizon, intervals looms large for all well prepared cyclists.  I’m not talking about sweet spot or tempo intervals; I’m talking full…

Switching From Base to Race!


It’s getting to be that time of year when the first races of the season are quickly approaching, you’ve been (hopefully) putting in some solid base training, and your A race is on the foreseeable horizon. It’s time…

FasCat Coaching Live Q&A: February 21, 2019


– Join the discussion on the FasCat Forum – We’re back for another round of Ask FasCat, where we take your cycling training questions and answer them. Questions: 2:01 – Should you use WKO4? 3:43 – Training for…

Ask FasCat #2 – Q&A!


We’re back with another Q&A episode, taking questions from the FasCat podcast community to help you get faster! We answer questions ranging from the proper usage of sweet potatoes to building watts/kg and everything in between. It’s a…

How to Design Your Own Personal Training Camp


Training camps are one of the quintessential components of cycling. Putting in a highly focused and productive week of training in a warm place, combined with dialed recovery and nutrition protocols in the early season can pay off…

How to Pair and Sequence Your FasCat Training Plans


We get a ton of questions about how best to pair and sequence our training plans to connect them through an entire season or a specific situation. With many permutations of how to combine plans over the course…

How to Motorpace for Cycling Performance

Training with Power, Videos

Looking to build your top-end through motorpacing? In this video, Coach Frank outlines everything that you’ll need to know when motorpacing for better cycling performance. Join the discussion on the FasCat Forum.

Finding Balance While Fitting Group Rides into Structured Training

Training with Power, Videos

It’s that time of year: you’re coming out of the winter months and going on group rides with your cycling team. While mixing structured training plans with your group ride cycling, it’s critical to find balance in the…

Video: Why Sweet Spot Training is Better Than Zone 2

Sweet Spot, Videos

This week’s Training Tip from Coach Frank Overton of FasCat Coaching explains why Sweet Spot training is superior to zone 2 physiologically. Join the discussion on the FasCat Forum. For more video content, be sure to subscribe to…