How to Cyclocross - Our Complete Virtual Skills Camp

Racing cyclocross involves a variety of skills, and we're here to teach you all of them. Coach Andrew Giniat races at the elite UCI level, and here he walks (and sometimes runs) you through each of the key skills, one at a time. In this 'cyclocross camp in a virtual can', Andrew covers how to:

  • dismount
  • suitcase your bike
  • shoulder your bike
  • remount
  • corner
  • start fast
  • build your own training course

He also explains three key workouts to do: box jumps, stair/hill repeats, and start drills.

Check them out, and get out there and get after it!

How to dismount

How to suitcase your bike

How to shoulder your bike

How to remount

How to corner

How to start fast

How to build your own training course

Three Key Drills to Do: Box jumps, stair/hill repeats, and hard starts

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