How to Move the Dates of Your FasCat Race Training Plan

We have a lot of race-specific plans that are designed to get you ready for race day. But we don't have one for every race out there (yet!). Maybe you bought a race-specific plan that sounded like the perfect one to get you ready for a similar race in your area. Since the plan was for a different race, the dates probably don't line up exactly with your local event. Here's a way you can adjust for that:
    1. Apply the plan to your calendar. The fixed date means it will automatically align with the race it was originally written for.
    2. If you haven't already done so, upgrade to Premium on your TrainingPeaks account (check for the email we sent you with the coupon code!).
    3. Click the 1st day of the plan in your calendar, then scroll down to the last day & hold the Shift key (Windows) while you click the last day of the plan to select all of the workouts.
    4. Select Copy to copy the plan to your clipboard.
    5. Find the date you want to start your plan, then paste it to your calendar. 
    6. Be sure to un-apply the original plan to keep your calendar from getting too cluttered.
    7. Now go ride your bike!
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