The #secrettraining tip for this article is if the temperature is 68 degrees or less you should be wearing leg warmers. I used to say 70 degrees or less was leg warmer weather, but 68 seems like a fair compromise. If anything, please begin any ride when temps are 68 degrees or less with leg warmers on. If you do get toasty you can take them off. Better to be too warm than too cold, right?

Most articles on when to wear warmers tell you to put them on when it’s “chilly.” Over my 25 plus years of riding and racing, I am fairly confident most people think “chilly” means the freezing point of water. That is not “chilly.” That is butt-ass cold. I am here to tell you, that if you are going on a bike ride, 68 degrees or less is “chilly.” As any pro and they will tell you the same thing.

There are three reasons why you don’t wear leg warmers when it’s below 68 degrees.

1) You are working on your leg tan. (There is no scientific evidence for this, but this seems to be more common amongst the triathlon and roadie crowd.

2.) You forgot them.

3) You just don’t know.

Well, now you know. You’ve only got two knees. Take care of 'em.