Hot Races to do in 2024

There are so many rad races available for us in 2024, and we've got 40 great ones for you here that come recommended by the FasCat Coaches.

We’ve got hot picks for road events, gravel events, stages races, mountain bike events, gran fondo events, and more.

While most of the races we suggest are in the United States (as this is our primary area of expertise), we do have a trio of recommendations in Europe.

When you’ve picked out an event or events you want to train for, we have two great ways to help you get there:

Check out the list and links below, and enjoy the podcast.

1. Grasshopper Low Gap, Jan 27, CA

Half pavement, half dirt, all fun - with lunch and Sierra Nevada beers afterwards.

2. Old Man Winter Rally, Feb 4, CO

50K and 100K options, with the latter tackling an uphill jeep trail that could be buried in snow.

3. Valley of the Sun, Feb 16-18, AZ

A classic three-day road stage race - in warm and sunny Phoenix! Coach Allie has won this one... multiple times!

4. Belgian Waffle Ride Arizona, Mar 2, AZ

Road racing meets mountain biking. On a gravel bike. In the warm desert.

5. Rouge Roubaix, Mar 9, LA

An old school road 'faux-baix', meaning an American homage to Paris-Roubaix on rough roads. The 150k distance could be held in freezing temps, or super humid heat. It's Louisiana!

6. The Mid South, Mar 16, OK

The 100-mile is sold out, but the 50-mile is open, and riding in the event is only a part of this multi-day festival.

7. We Ride Flanders, Mar 30, Belgium

Ride the Tour of Flanders course the day before the WorldTour race with 16,000 of your friends. The 75, 144 and 179km loops start and finish in Oudenaarde and the 257km course starts in Antwerp.

8. Paris-Roubaix Challenge, Apr 6, France

Why not come for Holy Week and stay for Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, doing the Roubaix sportive the day before the big race on the infamous French cobbles.

9. Belgian Waffle Ride Utah, Apr 6, UT

43, 79 and 128mi courses on dry, dusty and challenging desert gravel roads and trails. The second in the Tripel Series.

10. Sea Otter Classic, April 17-21, CA

All cycling's disciplines in one place — anchored in the biggest bike expo in North America.

11. Barry Roubaix, Apr 20, MI

Sold out with 4,000 riders expected and a $40,000 purse, There are 18, 36 and 62mi courses, plus an unmarked 100mi epic. The 62mi is the premiere race distance.

12. Belgian Waffle Ride California

It's lucky number 13 for the O.G. 'this was never intended to be a gravel race' race. There are 43, 79 and 128mi courses that mix perfect pavement with treacherous sectors. Do you dare?

13. The Traka, May 1-5, Spain

You're familiar with Unbound Gravel, yes? Imagine that, in Girona. Come ride with Coach Christian.

14. Stetina's Paydirt, May 18, NV


Not a point-to-point race, but instead a more social affair with three timed segments - plus a tire toss and a mechanical bull ride to decide ties on time.

15. Rule of Three, May 16-19, AR

It's a gravel, road and mountain bike race all rolled up into one. Plus, there's even a 3-person team category.

16. Unbound Gravel

The Big One. But there are also 25, 50 and 100mi options, plus the invite-only 350mi XL. Registration is open Jan 5-20.

17. USA Cycling Marathon Nationals, Jun 15, AL


29 titles were handed out in 2023, with Cole Paton and Alexis Skarda taking top honors.

18. Baker City Cycling Classic, June 21-23, OR

A long road stage race that includes an hour-plus climb and a time trial. Beautiful and well-run. Coach Isaiah's pick.

19. Belgian Waffle Ride North Carolina, June 22, NC

Arguably the most technical and challenging of all the BWRs - and that's saying something!

20. Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder


5 days, 4 nights of a gravel bike camp in the Cascades, with 350mi/30k and 250mi/19k route options.

21. KowTown Gravel, Jul 7, CO

Colorado has many ranchers and many endurance athletes. The Scholl family, who put on KowTown, are both. Ride way up into the Aspens in the backcountry.

22. FoCo Fondo, Jul 21, CO

Either the biggest grassroots race or the most approachable big-time race, FoCo delivers challenge and camaraderie in equal measure. Coach Ricky's pick.

23. USA Cycling Cross-Country Nationals, Jul 17-21, PA

Scores of titles up for grabs. Are you ready to grab yours?

24. USA Cycling Road Nationals, Master & Jr, GA

Masters nats returns to the heat and humidity of the Peach State.

25. Dust Bowl 100, Jul 27, IN

Big race with little race vibes. Feels more road race than MTB race with low technical demands and a fast pace. Come give Coach Jake a high five!

26. The Last Best Ride, Jul 28, MT

Act fast! Registration opens January 8, and all three of the previous editions sold out. There are 48 and 91mi options in beautiful Whitefish, Montana.

27. Leadville Trail 100 MTB, Aug 10, CO

A legend dating back to 1994. Lottery slots are announced January 8, but there are also qualifier races to get in, including Sea Otter.

28. Core 4, Aug 17, IA

Ride through barns, through singletrack, up gravel roads, and maybe even down some stairs - Core 4's got a mix of everything, including 20, 40, 60 and 100mi solo and team events.

29. Vermont Overland, Aug 24, VT

Registration opened January 1 registration for this 55mi classic with 7,000ft of Vermont-style climbing. The event is capped at 1,000 riders.

30. SBT GRVL, Aug 18, CO

This super-hot race sold out in minutes, but FasCat has two spots left as part of a coaching package. Come ride with us!

31. USA Cycling Gravel Nationals, Sept 8, NE

Back after a successful inaugural year, this a true midwest gravel course with brutal crosswinds to ensure worthy winners.

32. Chequamegon, Sept 14, WI

It's the 41st year for this 40mi grassy MTB race in Wisconsin.

41st year for 40mi grassy MTB race in Wisconsin

33. Gran Fondo Nationals, Sept 15, MD

Unlike most USAC nationals, you have to qualify for this one, so check out the ways to get yourself there:

34. Six Gap Century, Sept 29, GA

Choose your adventure: full-on race at the front, or party-pace fondo style. Some of the best road riding and climbs in the southeast! Coach Elliott's pick.

35. Pisgah 55/111K, Brevard, NC

Packs in all the goodness of Pisgah's and Mills River's technical mountain biking trails into one big day.

36. Big Sugar, Oct 19, AR

The Life Time Grand Prix closer packs the most varied (and rugged!) terrain of the series into a fall foliage-heavy route. Stick around to ride Bentonville's manicured and massive trail system.

37. Spirit World, Nov 2, AR

While you absolutely can race, this very-nearly-to-the-Mexican-border classic leans into the party pace. A great way to wrap up the season - in shorts! Registration opens January 7.

38.  Iceman Cometh, Nov 2, MI

On the other end of the county and temperature spectrum, Iceman has long been a Michigan icon. The first event cost $5 in 1990. To the winner goes the enormous beer chalice made of ice.

39. Swank 65, Nov 12, NC

Held in the Pisgah National Forest, this one is as challenging technically as it is physically. Coach Andrew's pick.

40. USA Cycling Cyclocross Nationals, Dec 9-15, KY

This one could have been Coach Andrew's pick - he just won the Masters 30+ ’Cross National Champ title. Coach Brandon has also scored jerseys here. It's back for a second year in in Louisville.






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