Everything You Need to Know About the Haute Route with Colby Pearce

This week we are talking about the Haute Route ('oat root'). We're joined by cycling jedi master Colby Pearce (also a Haute Route Elite Ambassador) to discuss the Haute Route culture, training, and experience.

Both Colby and Frank have multiple Haute Route events under their belts and have a wealth of knowledge, advice, and war stories from their experience.We discuss what the Haute Route actually is, a 'day in the life' + what to expect from these events, and then jump into how to train and prepare and of course some great stories from the road.

To learn more, visit https://www.hauteroute.org/ and follow Colby on the socials: @CwPearce on Twitter and @colby_pearce on Instagram.

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About Frank Overton

Frank founded FasCat Coaching in 2002 and has been a full time cycling coach since 2004. His educational background includes a Masters degree in Physiology from North Carolina State University, pre-med from Hampden-Sydney College. Frank raced at a professional level on the road and mountain bike and currently competes as a "masters" level gravel and cyclocrosser. Professionally Frank comes from medical school spinal cord research and molecular biotechnology. However, to this day it is a dream come true for Frank to be able to help cyclists as a coach.

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