Collegiate Road Nationals Training

My experience with collegiate racing is sometimes the races can be short, even if they aren’t short I would look to get more riding before or after the races. Early on this is a great way to build up your CTL, though when I was racing I didn’t know what CTL was. I remember riding back to school from races, or even doubling up the collegiate race with the category races. Racking up as much as two 80 mile races in a row. But that effort, with proper recover paid off to some great results come nationals and into my summer pro racing schedule.

Early on the plan works on some threshold work specific to the team time trial event. Which can also help for long breakaways. It also has a built in 3 day training weekend, that is race free, that is suppose to simulate the collegiate nationals weekend. You will work on some threshold, hills and sprints.

In the second half half of the plan you will work on more race specific efforts. You will do Vo2 max intervals and anaerobic efforts. Looking at the course by using Strava you can see that the climbs are short, especially the uphill to the finish. Along with these efforts you will do sweet spot burst. This has two functions. First sweet spot is the most advance aerobic activity you can to do. So by doing these we can keep up with your aerobic fitness. But by adding the burst we make them more race specific. Cycling is a very dynamic sport and power in a race is rarely constant. So by doing the burst we train your body to clear the lactic acid while on the go.

The week before nationals you will begin your taper. It is important not to over do it at this point. You are looking to be fresh. You won’t get better this close to the event. But you want the efforts to keep sharp and keep from going flat into nationals.

Jake Rytlewski

4 -Time MWCCC Conference Champion 2003 - 2006

2 - Time Marian University Track National Championship Team member 2002, 2003

2nd - 2005 Collegiate Road Race / Omnium

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About Jake Rytlewski

Jake Rytlewski grew up racing in Michigan at 15 after his Dad picked up cycling as a hobby. Not being able to clip in fast enough before being dropped he quickly found solutions such as double sided mountain bike pedals and track standing. Coaching was always in his blood. He accepted a cycling scholarship to Marian University in 2002 and while there spent a summer racing in Belgium and signed his first pro contract. Jake graduated in 2006 with a degree in sports management and continued to race as a pro for 9 years. He joined FasCat in 2013 and has been coaching full time since. Currently Jake is living the dream in Indiana raising his 3 kids, coaching others to make them faster and to reach their goals and racing in the full time Dad category on Zwift.

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