#Secrettraining: One Stretch to Rule Them All

If you start a simple daily stretching routine and stick with it you will feel better. I am 100% confident in this. A stretching routine does not have to be long and complex. In fact, if you only had 5 minutes a day to stretch this is what I would tell you to do:

  1. Buy a fit ball.
  2. At some point during your day, lay on your back on the fit ball.
  3. Extend your arms beyond your head and hang over the ball.
  4. For at least 5 min roll around slowly on the ball while stretching your shoulders, chest, core and hip flexors. Back and forth. Side to side. Hold it for a few seconds in tight areas.

This position is the complete opposite of how most of us operate on a daily basis. We are normally hunched over at the steering wheel, at the laptop or riding a bike. Do this for at least 5 minutes before bed and you will be amazed how good your body feels. If you really want to multi-task, do this while using this. Now that is some serious next level #secrettraining time management!

About Brandon Dwight: Brandon was a professional mountain bike racer from 1999 – 2001 and professional cyclocross racer from 1999-2007. He is a four-time U.S. Masters National Cyclocross Champion. For more than a decade, Brandon has provided thousands of people with cyclocross skills and training advice. He lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two children.


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