Alexey Vermeulen: Recap of Winning the 2022 Belgian Waffle Ride

We have a special podcast guest this week: The Belgian waffle ride winner, Alexey Vermeulen. Alexey went full on beast mode this past Sunday, riding away from his comrades with an incredible display of wattage and courage.

In this episode, we not only get a full recap of Alexey's experience of winning BWR, but also background on where he came from, his racing pedigree, and what his big plans are for the rest of the season and the future.

Plus, we also diving into Alexey winning Junior National Road Race in 2011, getting called up to the big leagues with Lotto Jumbo and his new Jukebox cycling team with our good friend and FasCat Athlete, Phil Gaimon. 

Lastly, we have two huge announcements to share in this episode...
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Belgian Waffle Ride Power Highlights:

6 hours 34 minutes @ 280 watts normalized

FTP = 360 watts (5.5 watts/ kg)


Intensity Factor = .76

383 TSS

11,500 feet of climbing

Peak 5 minute = 402 watts, up the first climb!

Last Climb = 20 minutes @ 315 watts normalized (4.7 watts/ kg) 


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