How to Train for a Strava PR or KOM

Phil Gaimon and I have been going for Strava KOMs for over a year now, and before that, it was hill climb victories and world tour prowess. In this training tip we want to tell you how to train for a Strava PR or KOM/QOM.

About two years ago Outside Magazine interviewed me for "What's the Best Time of Day to Go For a Strava KOM". Honestly, it really comes down to your training but that wasn't a clickbait enough title for a major magazine, haha.

The most effective way to train for a strava pro or kom/qom it to take the length of the segment in minutes (your goal time) and divide by three at first then progress to two. That's the number of intervals you are going to do. For example, say you are going for a 30 minute pr/kom/qom:

30 Minute Climb (Goal Time) / 3 Segments = 10 minutes


3 x 10 minutes ON 5 minutes OFF, As Hard as You Can (Full GAS!)

Progress to the more difficult more specific 2 x 15 minutes ON 7.5 minutes OFF, also As Hard as You Can (Full GASS!!) Listen and watch Phil and I here:  

Strava Intervals: 2 x 15 FULL GAS

In a training plan the workout would look like this:

Once you feel good about your power and form take a rest day and go for it. But don't forget to do openers the day before. Like we mentioned in our video here is that workout, take a day off the day before:

And then here's a 4 day training plan lead into the strava pr/kom/qom attempt and how it looks in a training plan:

There you go: three workouts to help you train for a Strava pr or KOM/QOM. Stay tuned for the next episode where Phil and I talk about your Strava 'race day'. Copyright © 2019 FasCat Coaching - all rights reserved.

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