Rebecca's Private Idaho Race Analysis

Rebecca's Private Idaho has quickly risen to one of the top gravel race weekends in the country. Based in the small ski town of Ketchum, Idaho, RPI was started by endurance mountain bike legend and Ketchum local, Rebecca Rusch. With sweeping views of the nearby Pioneer Mountains and endlessly beautiful gravel roads at altitude, it's a must do event. Since Jackson was born and raised in Ketchum and competed in RPI many times, we're here to bring on a deep analysis of this event from course dynamics, equipment considerations, and training recommendations.

We'll talk about the key climbs and tactics for this specific course and walk through how to approach pacing and racing it by breaking key sections down. We'll go into bike and tire choice, and how to stay on top of hydration and nutrition. Finally, we'll share expert coaching advice for the weeks leading up to the race so that you can be best prepared to crush it on race day. For a visual "vlog" style video Jackson recently shot when in Idaho, check out what the course actually looks like:

And if you want to experience a more in depth analysis with video breakdown of Strava/TrainingPeaks data, check out the full podcast video here:

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