Setting Up the Performance Manager Chart

The Performance Manager Chart (PMC) is the window to your overall fitness and race-readiness. Get it set up properly and it can be your most powerful training tool! They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this couldn't be truer to coaches and athletes. Maybe not 1,000 words, but how about 50 watts? Yes please. In this training tip we'll tell you how to set up your Performance Manager Chart in TrainingPeaks and then explain what the numbers mean.

3 Steps to Set Up You Performance Manger Chart in TrainingPeaks

From the default Calendar view in TrainingPeaks, click the Dashboard header to get to your Dashboard where you can add multiple charts to summarize your training.

Once in the Dashboard, go to the left sidebar to open the Charts Library. Scroll down to the Performance Manager Chart, then drag & drop it into your Dashboard and boom! Now you can see how your fitness has progressed over time!

Next, click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the PMC and you will get a menu for adjusting the parameters of your chart.

Selecting Constants (Parameters)

Fitness (CTL) is based on a rolling 42 day average that is supported in the sport science literature. Keep yours at 42, we've never changed this.


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