VO2 Max Intervals Video

In this training video Coach Jake Rytlewski explains how to perform VO2 max intervals including: power data analysis, what type of terrain to choose, how consistent efforts should be, optimal cadence, workout progressions, and of course, what not to do when performing these intervals!

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Coach Jake is an Associate Coach with FasCat Coaching, a boutique brand coaching company in Boulder, CO. Jake and his fellow FasCat Coaches have been training at altitude since 2003. To talk with Coach Jake about your race at altitude please fill out a New Athlete Questionnaire for a free coaching consultation.

About Jake Rytlewski

Jake Rytlewski grew up racing in Michigan at 15 after his Dad picked up cycling as a hobby. Not being able to clip in fast enough before being dropped he quickly found solutions such as double sided mountain bike pedals and track standing. Coaching was always in his blood. He accepted a cycling scholarship to Marian University in 2002 and while there spent a summer racing in Belgium and signed his first pro contract. Jake graduated in 2006 with a degree in sports management and continued to race as a pro for 9 years. He joined FasCat in 2013 and has been coaching full time since. Currently Jake is living the dream in Indiana raising his 3 kids, coaching others to make them faster and to reach their goals and racing in the full time Dad category on Zwift.

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