What to Eat on the Bike During Training and Racing

A big area of consideration and confusion for many cyclists is on the bike nutrition. We've talked at length about Winning in the Kitchen, but it's an entirely different animal to fuel yourself on the bike in training and racing. We sit down to discuss the fundamentals of nutrition on the bike, and share the essentials of what you need to know.

If you remember one thing from this episode its to eat every 30 minutes. We like to say: gels > blocks > bars, every 30 minutes

Here's a short recap of what we covered:

  • < 2 hours: 45 g of carbohydrates per hour (~ 180 calories/hour)
  • 2-5 hours: 30-60g carbohydrates per hour (120 - 240 calories/ hour)
  • 5+ hours: 60-90g carbohydrates per hour (240-360 calories/hour)
    • *Note: some endurance athletes can tolerate up to 120g/hr!
  • Every 30 minutes : gels > blocks > bars + Skratch Labs rice cakes


Speaking of the "Guaranteed Not to Bonk" Rice Cakes here's Dr. Allen Lim's recipe (Berry + Mint + Chocolate)

We dig into many more specifics of what to eat, how often, and some more info on the science behind all of this. So give this episode a listen in to dial in your nutrition plan for your next big training ride or race!

Also be sure to also watch our Registered Dietitians full breakdown on how to nail your during ride nutrition here. Her training tip even includes a downloadable PDF for you to keep on hand for easy reference!

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