Stages Cycling's Ben Sharp & Pat Warner: Part 2

The BigCat speaks with Pat Warner and Ben Sharp, the dynamic Coach-Athlete duo from Stages Cycling. Ben is an Olympic Gold Medalist Coach who also happens to coach Pat Warner. Pat is the head honcho at Stages Cycling who recently won the Masters National 50+ Road Race and Time Trial.

In part 2 of the episode, they discuss Ben's work with Asthon Lambie, Stages strain gage technology, Sweet Spot training, Pat's mindset around training, the value of a strong coach-athlete relationship and much more!

If you haven't listened to part 1 yet, you can find it here

Ben's "Big Ride" Workout for Pat (18 x US Masters Nationals Champion)

Warm Up > 6 x 15 sec Sprints > 20 min TEMPO > 4 x 4 VO2 > 15 min Tempo > 2 x 20's > 15 min Tempo > 5 x 1 min Full Gas > Endurance; 4.5 hours total

ben sharp pat warner favorite workout big simulation ride

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