Unbound Race Recap with Coach Isaiah Newkirk

FasCat Coach Isaiah Newkirk was among the 1000+ athletes that lined up for the legendary Unbound 200 this past weekend.

This gravel race is easily one of the most challenging out there, and for many reasons! In this episode he speaks with Coach Frank about what he did in order to make it to the finish line including: race prep, bike set up, mindset, pacing, nutrition, and hydration.

If you're interested in training for the Unbound Gravel in 2022, go check out this video where Coach Frank and Jackson discuss which FasCat training plans to follow for the Unbound Gravel.  Spoiler: it includes doing Sweet Spot training to build your base and then our six week gravel plan. 

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About Isaiah Newkirk

Isaiah has been coaching for 12+ years and a FasCat Coach for 6. He came to us as a graduate of collegiate cycling powerhouse Marian University competing in Track, Road, and Cross. Isaiah raced Professionally on the Road for years, racing all over the world, and doing iconic US races such as Tour of Utah and Tour of Colorado. Since "retiring" he has shifted focus to doing races to the likes of LT100, Unbound, and other endurance events. Isaiah started coaching in 2008 when he was asked to coach a little 500 team in his home town of Bloomington, IN. Since then coaching has become a passion for Isaiah and he is eager to help any rider achieve their goals and potential. Isaiah has coached athletes to National titles, World Titles, and to the professional ranks. Isaiah is a USA Cycling Level 1 coach, TrainingPeaks Level 1, Certified Skills Instructor, and was a speaker at the USA Cycling Coaching Summit 2020. Isaiah is also director and performance manager for Domestic Elite Team : Project Echelon.

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