What to do during your 2 week post-season break

It's about that time! With all the craziness and uncertainty of 2020, we still believe in the importance of taking an actual "off season" to bring some certainty to the cycling season periodization. So how should that look? What should you do?

Today on the podcast is a continuation of our 2018 episode about the post-season break where we talked about the 3 core tenets of a good offseason break:

  1. Taking 2 weeks off from following a training plan

  2. Re-establishing Life Balance

  3. Soul Rides

In this podcast we give seven more performance enhancing, non biking activities to consider as you take some time away from structured, dedicated training. They are:

  1. Nutrition/ Winning in the Kitchen

  2. Yoga

  3. Foundations

  4. MTB'ing (riding a different bike)

  5. Relationships

  6. Back to School/Family

  7. Goal Setting

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