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Adjusting the Swim Workouts in your Triathlon Plan

By Nadia Sullivan on September 27, 2017

I designed the off-season and sweet spot triathlon plans with 3 levels of swimming workouts built into every level of training plan so you can match the workout to your swimming ability-

Unfortunately, this means swim days look pretty crowded in TrainingPeaks! It’s easy to pick the swim workout that matches your ability and then delete the other 2. You’ll need to have the Premium level of TrainingPeaks to delete future workouts so make sure you’ve applied the 30days of free premium coupon code you received after purchasing your plan!

From the default Calendar view in TrainingPeaks, click the 3 line menu button on the swim workout you want to remove to bring up the delete option, then click ok to remove it. In this example, I’m going to keep just the Intermediate swim workout:

Have more time to spend in the pool? Sweet! Instead of deleting the swim workouts you don’t want, you can move one of them to another day for some bonus yardage! Click on the swim you want to move, then drag & drop it to the day you want:


And just like that, there’s some another swim on Saturday that can be done before or after the run workout! Now you’re ready to train!

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Nadia Sullivan is a Senior Coach at FasCat Coaching in Boulder, CO.  To talk with Nadia or a FasCat Coach about setting your multisport training and swim workouts please call 720.406.7444, or fill out a New Athlete Questionnaire to set up a Coaching Consultation. Additionally, check out any of  Nadia’s FasCat Multisport Training Plans for only $49 that include field tests where you can set your training zones.


About Nadia Sullivan

Coach Nadia is one of our resident multisport coaches and also our expert bike fitter.

USA Cycling, Triathlon and TrainingPeaks certified - Nadia lives vicariously through her athletes around the world!

Comments (5)

Jana Zelechovska says:
October 11, 2018 - 03:51 - Reply

Hi Nadia, I bought the 32 week resistance & sweet spot for 70.3. Could you please explain to be what is “negative split” in swim workouts? I could not find it neither in Swim Workout Definitions nor in Swim Skills. Thanks, Jana

October 11, 2018 - 09:30 - Reply

Hi Jana. “Negative Split” just means you go a little faster in the second half of a set distance. In swimming, a 200 negative split would be faster in the second 100, for example. It’s also a term used in running.

morgansteb says:
November 11, 2019 - 13:18 - Reply

Hi – how do I get my swims to give me the pace in min/100? I have no idea what it means to swim in min/mile

    November 11, 2019 - 14:40 - Reply

    In your TrainingPeaks settings, go to Zones, Speed/Power, Swim Speed/Pace, and make sure you have your threshold 100 pace set for sec/100.

morgansteb says:
November 11, 2019 - 18:30 - Reply

Ok thanks!

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